Beautiful lake and sad little town

One fun part of teams visiting us, is it give our children an opportunity to see their beautiful country. So, we also went to lake Atitlan on Sunday, and the kids enjoyed a very fast boat ride to Santiago, and then Panabaj.

Tella loved the wind and waves

Jose imitating Jesus...sleeping in the boat!

Arriving at the dock in Santiago

Lots of old folks in Santiago...wearing pants that work well for fishing in the lake.

IN many parts of the country, only women wear distinctive clothing, but in the small villages aroud Lake Atitlan, the men also are distinctive.

Panabaj was hit by a terrible landslide in October, 2005, and the effects are still there, with many damaged buildings still vacant. Many areas still buried by the mud. There doesn't seem to be an interest in rehabilitating the areas that were affected. We were told by a young man that people are afraid to move back.

These are the shacks that were built as an emergency shelter area in November 2005. Still there. A little worse for wear. Like refugees everywhere. making do.