potpouri of the extreme makeover crews

OK this is it for the gang from Roswell. I have to say I was really impressed with the grace of the servant hearted young people who worked so hard all week. It was a week of extreme makeovers, in other words, fixing rooves, and pouring cement floors, and leveling rain damaged areas.

The crew above figured out how to make mixing cement on the ground fun. I wish I had a video of it to share with you. These four people danced around the mound of cement, much like native american warriors dancing around a bonfire, with hoes in hand. In short order, the sand, water, gravel and cement powder was ready to pour in the kitchen they remodeled.

This is the roadside view of a small house we repaired the roof on. Here follows the formula for removing a tile roof:

simply lift tiles off, and gently lob to the ground crew.

ground crew gently catches and passes to stackers

who gently stack for future use

all under the watchful eye of sister silvia and baby Mateo

This is the view from the roof

Meanwhile, another crew was leveling the earth in front of the school in Chulumal

While inside, kids learned in the computer lab.

a fun juxtaposition, Americans handling rudimentary tools outside, while Guatemalan kids from extremely poor families studied computer science inside.

Thanks, Roswell Presbyterian Church!