RPC School Banquet

One thing I like about Roswell Presbyterian's work in Chichicastenango is the yearly banquet. They make a super big deal about the children they sponsor at two schools. The children have seen restaurants, as they live right near a tourist "mecca", and so are aware of eating at tables, served by a wait staff. This is a chance for them to be served by their American hosts, and eat till they are stuffed ( and even take home doggie bags filled with goodies) Between the presents, and the smiles and even laughter, it was clear that a good time was had by all.

This is the group from Belen School in Chulumal, with Alberto Velasquez, who teaches, and is the school director. Besides that, he attends university on Saturdays for classes in higher education. He also happens to be a master weaver of the cloth that makes the skirts, like what the girls are wearing.