A day at work in Chichicastenango

Off to the job...all smiles and energy

roofs were built out of thin air

A LOT of concrete was poured inside the existing houses to raise the health of the family's children

8 hours later...still smiling!

But this is Chichicastenango, and so walking around town is an incredible cultural experience
this man is performing a Mayan ritual INSIDE the Catholic cathedral

This lady walked into the altar area on her knees multiple times. Part Catholic part Mayan?

Outside of the church, a market blooms twice a week

High density shoppers and sellers

Trey showing Jason the Market way.

Jason bargaining on his own

then time to go home
Take a look again at this picture. Will, in the white shirt is about 6 feet tall. But he looks and probably feels like a Goliath as he walks though the market.