Xavier University Occupational Therapists

I'm working backward, but will try to show the cute pix we have from the last 2 weeks. The photos are the best I have, but I am hoping team members will send better ones ( hint)

After the OT students from Xavier saw the country, they set down to work, and made a lot of patients, care providers and therapists very grateful, as they visited the special needs areas of Anini, Marina Guiloda, Misioneros del Camino, and Nuestro Pequeños Hermanos.

And, of course, our home
Lots of good discussions

and play therapy

and more good discussions

Lots of connections made with big and little Amor cute kids

A week full of training, learning, laughing

Teenage boy's dayroom at Anini

(yes, that's Josh helping fix that wheelchair)

After training sessions with the staff members, the Therapists left detailed sheets with photos and instructions for each of the children

Safe to say a good and productive time was had by all!