Children of Chichicastenango

Chichicastenango is a municipality in the department of Quiche where Our friends at Roswell Presbyterian Church come one week each year to repair and build houses for the people of our friends at Belen and Ebenezer Methodist churches. Children are everywhere. These little guys are watching their family get a new roof and a concrete floor
Waiting for a bus in Chulumal

She just washed her hands in the pile behind her. a lot of dirt, but people really try to maintain cleanliness.

Every Sunday and Thursday are market days...and kids become entrepreneurs
sad faced little vender

This girl may be really poor, because she has no tipical corte ( skirt)

two salesmen with a large inventory

Then this little guy who broke my heart. he followed me, wanting to sell the one little stuffed animal in his hand, while his sister's head lolled back and forth on his shoulders.